Sports & Remedial

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is also known as remedial massage and soft tissue therapy where the therapist manipulates both muscle and fascia systems of the body. Warriors and athletes have made use of soft tissue therapy techniques for thousands of years. Romans made use of the techniques for injured gladiators and athletes in ancient Greece used massage pre and post competition. Modern day sports massage therapists use a range of techniques to enable to body to work at its peak performance level.

"Soft tissue therapies are for the athlete in all of us! From housework to housebuilding, gardening to marathon running, our bodies need to be kept in optimum condition" FHT

As we are all different in body shape, needs, experience and aims, the therapist will work with you holistically for optimisation of the body's ballance and maximisation of performance. 

What are the techniques used in Sports Massage?

The type of techniques which may be used include
· Massage to mobilise fascia and muscles, increase blood flow to the area, which increases nutrients and oxygen and removes toxins.
Basic, deep and superficial massage techniques may be used.
· Neuromuscular techniques including trigger points and acupressure which stimulate the nervous system to release stressed muscles.
· Muscle stretching techniques to release tension and restore their length and elasticity
· Soft tissue techniques to unlock knots using pressure and stretches in localised areas
· Hot and cold compresses and mechanical devices

Will I need more than one treatment?

This will depend on your individual needs and expectations. Most people have between three and six sessions, usually once a week, followed by monthly body maintenance

What happens during a Sports Massage treatment?

During the first consultation, the therapist will ask for a number of basic details regarding medical history and general health concerns in order to best tailor your treatment. Every aspect of treatment will be kept in the strictest of confidence. The therapist will examine postire and gait and will assess the whole body.

If this treatment is appropriate for you, the therapist will ask you to remove clothing to the area(s) being treated to allow application of massage medium. Only the area being treated will be uncovered at any one time. Where appropriate, this therapy can be carried out in light clothing. You may also be asked to remove any jewelry or obtrusive items which may inhibit the treatment. The therapist will then carry out the massage as specified in your individual treatment plan. Your privacy will be maintained at all times.